About Us

Mission Statement

The Library's mission is to provide scholarly resources and information services that support the research needs of the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center. To carry out this mission, we commit to:

  • Understand and anticipate the needs of our users and potential users;
  • Develop collections and services that meet and exceed users' needs;
  • Provide access to our collections and services in a user-friendly way;
  • Support professional development of our staff;
  • Cooperate and collaborate with NOAA libraries and other libraries worldwide;
  • Embrace technology as a means to achieve our mission.

The Collection

We support research in the areas of coral reef ecology, fisheries, fish biology, marine mammals, marine biology, and oceanography in the western and central Pacific Ocean with emphasis on the Hawaiian Archipelago and other US-related islands in the Pacific.

Our extensive collection includes books, journals, maps and charts, reports, newsletters and other grey literature, reprints, and over 800 Japanese-to-English translations.